Mine Would Be The Sun

by The Suitesixteen

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"Mine Would Be The Sun" is the culmination of 16 years of work.
Every element personally touched and realized to the highest possible level of quality and sensory impact.
Its execution is a mirror of obsession. Infatuation reduced to intellectual explanation. The examination of which reveals the indescribable nature --and depth--of emotion itself.


released January 27, 2020

All Songs by Rob Nesbitt (Snivel Music - SOCAN)
Except track 5: by Rob Nesbitt (Snivel Music - SOCAN) & Andrew Molloy (Monster X - SOCAN)
Produced by Rob Nesbitt and David Carswell
Engineered and mixed by David Carswell at JC/DC Studios, Vancouver BC
Rob Nesbitt Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers, Drum programming
David Carswell: additional Guitars, percussion
John Collins: Bass - Tracks 13, 14. Plus additional percussion and synths
Sean Drabitt: Bass - Track 8
Rob Chursinoff: Drums - Tracks 3, 4, 6, 8, 13, 14, 16
Connor Wadell: Drums - Tracks 1, 2, 7, 11, 12
Graham Watson: Drums - Tracks 5, 10
Jamie Willis: Drums - Track 15


all rights reserved



The Suitesixteen Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: Start At 13
Do you wanna find a way that you could talk to me?
And do you wanna see the things that mean a lot to me then just look back there
Start at 13, I owe you something-

Thanks for all the times you made me cry and realize I’ve always been alone.

For the longest time I’ve known that wouldn’t always be there
and now I finally know the truth—That you can live without me.
Because I know those things you said they were not about me
You said you were so sad. Left and wondering why I just stopped calling
And how every time you’d try to find out I was not around.

Well that’s a lie.
I’ve always been at home.
I thought that if I stayed alone you’d know I wanted you there
But you never called and so you don’t care.

It’s easy to say, “gone and forgotten”
but I have to sleep and I dream about you. Often.
There’s not much I am sure of everyday, but I can say this will never stop

I have to sleep and dream….
Track Name: Bob Greene
What am I doing here tonight?
I don't know anyone but I'd heard you'd be around.
Will you be around?

Finally everything just feels alright
and that song that we both like gets played all night.

I looked up and there you were
don't you wanna be the one to go around and around?

Well come on (whoa whoa)
If you're in love you're gonna know
don't stop now ‘cause my whole world is upside down

That song plays in heaven never ending
like this September
Forever dyed Fall
Remember ‘cause someday that's all.
Track Name: Every Sign I See
It seems like there’s plenty of time to do what I want
And I know what I wanna do…

Winter rained so we stayed inside.
But now its summertime.
I wanna help the sun shine on you.

And every sign I see says I could be the boy

One more glance and I’m shouting out.
Just one more touch and I’m shouting out.
You’re more than a friend to me and you know it.

Way past dark it’s still warm outside so I stay out all night
And hear songs that remind me of you
(I wonder who’s cryin’ now)
A time where all seems to us tied,
where even the scars that we share may mean more.

You’ve gotta feel somethin’
‘Cause god, I feel somethin’.

It’s like I’ll hang out, down to do anything that involves you.
You don’t have to ask twice
Just ask nice and I could be your boyfriend.
Track Name: The List
The List

I’ll tell you one thing, they were wrong to get in my way.
And just ‘cause you can’t see me now that don’t change a thing.
See, school is over so I’ve got all summer long to wait for your reason.
Like that means anything.

What do they know?
I love you more than your parents do.
Because they know who they are and I’m just lost in you.

I write your name for days and buy records to play
I wait in the park or I watch your front door.
I see you at the mall and pretend that I don’t care at all
When all I really wanna do is stay, look at and talk to you.

I thought I’d stay inside to mourn the week that you were gone away.
Now you’re back- it didn’t change a thing.
At Poltergeist it was like you didn’t even know my name
But did you know I’d could hear everything that your friends were saying?

Well, what do they know?
I should mean more to you than your friends do
‘cause all they know is who they are and I’m just lost

And you didn’t know you meant so much to me.
I was so weak that it showed.
God, now what am I gonna do until we’re back at school?
Then I can see you ‘cause I can’t help but be around you…

I’ll write your name for days and buy records to play
I’ll wait in the park or I watch your front door.
I’ll see you at the mall and pretend that I don’t care at all
When all I really wanna do is stay, look at and talk to you.

I list the way things will be when we’re married.
Track Name: A Very Well Known Secret
We were impervious.
Yesterday nothing could come between us.
Long talks
I remember what you said, and what you wore…
God, I remember everything about you.

What changed?
Who got to you?
Who taught your heart to change the way it’s feeling overnight?

Deny me and you’re idolized.

I can’t believe this.
You’ve got to know you’re wrecking everything

You’re going downtown and you don’t ask me to go
I don’t wanna be the last one to know
You said that you loved me…

It seems strange avoiding you when usually I’m devising ways to see you.
‘Cause if I can’t see it its kind of like it’s not really happening.
But it’s happening.

You’re going downtown and you don’t ask me to go
I don’t wanna be the last one to know
You said that you loved me…

Down in the new library blues
You just couldn’t wait to say I won’t refuse
So you wrote it on the wall:
Your name + my name = no more

It’s a very well known secret that we’ll never go out again.
Track Name: It's Not True
You ask me if I know just how you feel?
Yeah, it’s little less than the way I’ve always felt for you.
And inside you know I’m right.

Some people sway but I’ll never be the one to change

Sometimes things just make me wanna cry.
Is it wrong the way I love you makes me feel so sad?
And how I think about when I wasn’t there and all the fun I never helped you have?

Now what I gotta know--what I’m begging, please--is why don’t you leave?
Something’s just not right about this.

And then I lost control
And I was down on my knees…
Anyone could see that this was just to good to be true except me.
I was weak.

I don’t want your love.

Now that’s not true, made more so every time I’ve waited for you endlessly.
Are you listening?
I don’t want your love.
It’s not true

It’s funny, I think, how I’ve changed my mind in time but not my heart.
It never listens to the things I’m sure you said, or my head.

Things like
“It’s not me…”
“We can’t feed…”
I don’t want your love 'cause it’s not true
Track Name: My Wife, Doom, Singular, Fate
There's this girl I saw as:
The embodiment of grace.
My wife.
I didn’t know what it was all about.

But when she looked into my face she would wish for someone else.

Helped undone inside that house

See, I didn’t know what it was all about.

But that’s all changed now.
No wishing wells, no change at the ball.
Love stung.
I thought I learned a lot.

She reassessed me.
As time went by I seemed like home to her
And maybe I had grown out of the boy who took our love too seriously.
But that’s me. I take things too far.
So when I heard them liken love to a flame for someone
I vowed mine would be the sun
and she would be the one.

She reassessed me.
As time went by I seemed like home to her

The fact she sought me out again meant the chance to live my dreams out.
But I lost myself and I let her down
'cause I didn’t know what it was all about.
Track Name: Burn And Cool
It came on when we were young and I knew what I had to do.
Yes, I had to win your love at any cost.
It took me four years to do that and still I never won.
But with you it just was so much fun to burn and cool…
Or even to just go to school where I’d learn what was important to me:
Where you’d be in block C.

Inevitable. The day had come.
We both knew that I had to move.
But I held on to your love at such a cost.
And within four years you came back.
Now what was I supposed to do?
I never could say no to you.

And I should’ve.
I put all my faith in love.
No one should say the things you made me pray were real and then just leave like that.
Did you think you could take it back?
Well you can’t.

…At any cost…
Track Name: On My Shore, Worlds Apart
On My Shore, Worlds Apart

Why’s it always so cold when I come here?
I don’t know.

On my shore—worlds apart
But I’m breathing the same air as you now.

Do you think about me?
'Cause I do…
I think about you.

10 years ago for the 2 of 5 times you took a hold of my heart at a party.
I’d been dreaming so long it seemed untrue now,
But the five words whispered to me came from you:
“I think about you…”

And it’s always the same when I come here or see pictures of this place
yeah, then I think of your face, in your different life, cold, flash-frozen in time and dying…

I guess you’ll never know because I play in places you don’t go.
Still, I see life as sweet
where dreams that die live at least for a while.
I don’t need reminding but if I do I’ll think about you.
And how I know you.
I loved you to tears.
Track Name: Taught Me A Lie
Do you think that it’s right that I’m here with everyone else tonight?
It won’t do.
I always thought I would be with you

Well things change.
I’m not the same
I’ve gone and promised things that never came quite true

I prayed so hard I would never lose you and it did no good
My childhood taught me a lie
and it changes how I feel now
I used to be so much fun, now I’m no one

You talked and I believed everything.

You don’t mind at all that I used to live to see you.
Well that’s the same as how I feel now.
I couldn’t wait just to be with you
But that’s how I spent all my time:
Yeah, I would wait in line for you.
And that’s the same as how I feel now.
Track Name: Everything Stops
You know, I never cry.
I cried a lot about you though.
I always thought I’d die if I lived without you.
But now I know that that’s not true 'cause I’m waiting in the sun.
I was so sure you were the one but I wasn’t right
I got so far without you, watching time fly by
I forgot all about you.
And now to find out that’s not true…

Last night after my having not seen you for 10 years
you slipped in my dreams and everything stops the second you talk.
You asked me to do the things that would please you
It seemed so sick I couldn’t believe you—are you insane?
And as I tried to explain you laughed at the truth:

My heart was made for you.
Track Name: Add It Up
Why do you wanna come around here for today?
‘Cause I don’t wanna see you no matter how wrong everything has gone.

I put you in a box and I’d hoped that’s where you’d stay.
God, I just can’t be happy
And every time I’m sad I wish I’d never had you.


Our love is dead
You’d think that you’d be sick of living in my head.
You know it’s true that I can do nothing to change how I feel about you.

When I’m home, all alone, I go and add it up.

Imagine blocks of memories, made up of her and I,
that I’ve piled so high sometimes I can’t even see you.

Why do you wanna come around here for today?
I don’t wanna see you.
Track Name: That Sweet Ache
Girl, today nothing’s gonna be the same
Because you’ve lost your heart and that’s just the start of it.
That sweet ache is never gonna go away.
And I feel for you ‘cause I fell too. Hard.

My baby left a long time ago
And I aint found nothing to fill that hole.


Now I don’t wanna bring you down
But I wish someone had been around to burst my balloon.
Well that’s not really true
But it’s all a lie.
Every dream they’ve ever made you buy.
And at the same time it’s all true.
Now whatcha gonna do?

Don’t ask what I’d give to live through it all again.
I’ve lost the faith that that takes, turned my back on the place where it’s born
And said goodbye to that baby.

Track Name: The 27th
On that January day we were in town to play.
That was just before everything went wrong, but I felt it coming on.

I snuck into your room. Told you secrets that no one knew.
And before the first gray had streaked the day I gave myself away inside your parent’s house.

You were like no one else
And I’ve never felt that happy again.

It’s funny but I didn’t know that in the years to come, Rho,
I would use that exact same night to measure what I lack in life.
I came back cause I do
I wonder what became of you
And I stood on our street, stock still, and gazed at where the 27th took place

Inside your parent’s house...

You were like no one else
And I’ve never felt that happy again.

A skinhead got on the mic he said he’d put his foot in my ass.
Dan ordered a shake containing grains of glass.
Your dad downstairs, so drunk he set the couch on fire.
You had to guide me home…
Track Name: Us In Pure Sound
When I first met you, you weren’t hip to the set-up
but you’d been groomed for years for a space inside
I didn’t even know was here until I saw you

Pretty blue eyes
Cheekbones cut high
This part’s us, in pure sound
Pretty blue eyes
Cheekbones cut high
Plus your hairstyle’s Belinda Carlisle’s.

Don’t underestimate it, I was 12 when I saw “10”.
A false ideal I’d aspire to.
By the next year she’d look just like you

Pretty blue eyes
Cheekbones cut high
This part’s us, in pure sound
Pretty blue eyes
Cheekbones cut high
Twice your hairstyle was Belinda Carlisle’s.

Now, I’m not trying to deny you—you’re funny girl and you’re still my friend.
So beautiful..
But beyond that, where’s the exception?
It’s in my heart.
It makes no sense but sense can’t change what you are to me.

Pretty blue eyes
You shouldn’t make me cry
This parts us, in pure sound
Your pretty blue eyes and my pretty blue eyes
Track Name: Why I Love You And I Did
I wanna tell you why I love you and I did
‘cause all I seem to sing about is how I feel you let me down and that’s not fair

Here she comes
Blue eyes…
She’s the prettiest girl in the neighborhood.

And now I want you all to bear witness to the birth of my life’s obsession.
Based on nothing but sensation
And the abundance of charm in her possession

I wanna sing about your face and leave no doubt that it’s the measure
I have placed on each girl I’ve gone out with since you were found.
I don’t know how they live it down but I know it’s not fair.

Well, neither is what happened to us.
It doesn’t matter whose fault it was, or who didn’t call
That’s not what this is about at all.

I love:

Your eyes, your hair, your mouth, your voice.

The way I never really had any choice in this

Following you all around to hear the way your tongue made old words sound brand new

The ache of spending a whole night wondering if the way I held your hand was right

And now because of you I love Jean Nate even though I haven't smelled it since 1988

Swim meets, Collie dogs, the accent of Scots and dads who are cops

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